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Broker Dealer Change was founded exclusively to provide solutions for Financial Advisors

Broker Dealer Change was founded to provide solutions to financial advisors who are considering a move to another Broker Dealer Firm. The financial brokerage industry has undergone significant changes in the past few years.  We provide invaluable assistance for financial advisors who are searching to find a firm that best meets their practice’s requirements.

We represent regional and top independent broker dealers, nationwide. The process of finding a new firm is time consuming – speaking with firm specific recruiters to understand their respective value propositions, cultures, products, platforms, technology, and transition processes.

To save you time, we act as the financial advisor’s “agent”, to sift through this information and help the advisor find the “best fit.” We try to determine your requirements and bring firms to you that will benefit your practice. We create a “market demand” for each financial advisor we represent, sometimes bringing as many as 5 Broker Dealer firms “to the table.”

We also assist in buy/sell arrangements for financial advisor practices, acting as the middleman to match buyers and sellers of books.

Our Mission

Change is good, especially when it’s for the better. With a vast network and our extensive experience in the broker industry, Broker Dealer Change excels in the consultative process that not only identifies your needs, but also matches you with a Broker Dealer that best fits the needs of your practice and personal profile.

Broker Dealer Change has perfected this process.

Our goal is simple. We want to be the best financial advisor placement firm in the industry.

Derrick Friedman | President & Founder, Broker Dealer Change

Derrick Friedman is the President & founder of Broker Dealer Change. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 1994 receiving a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Business and Psychology. Over 20 years practice in financial services.