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We will negotiate the best deal possible for you, from our vast network of

top independent broker dealers, nationwide.


We specialize only in the placement of Financial Advisors

Financial Advisor Placement

Broker Dealer Change was founded to meet the unique needs of the financial advisor who is considering a move to one of the top Independent Broker Dealers. We work as the broker’s “agent” to help them find the best firm to meet their professional requirements. We help them answer the questions which accompany a pending firm change and find the best match for their practice and personal preferences.

Top Independent Broker Dealers

Utilizing our vast network of top Independent Broker Dealers, we assist our clients regionally and nationally. We have developed respected relationships with the decision makers at the top Independent Broker Dealer firms we represent.

Consultative Approach

We will help you select the best Independent Broker Dealer for your practice by identifying: the appropriate size, culture, product set, clearing platform, technology and back office support for your firm. We will then negotiate the best deal possible for you, as we have leverage with the top independent broker dealers, firms we represent.

Financial Advisors Only

Our sole focus is on placing financial advisors with one of the top Independent Broker Dealers that best matches their business criteria. We do not get involved with recruiting people to other industries or positions. We feel that the function of providing financial advice is very important, so we pride ourselves in exclusively serving this market segment. Our goal is simple. We want to be the best financial advisor placement firm in the industry.

Our Process

We will find you one of our top Independent Broker Dealers that best matches your profile and needs of your practice. Broker Dealer Change guides our financial advisors through all of their options and questions involved in switching firms.

We have been working with and developing relationships with top Independent Broker Dealers for years regionally as well as nationally; and we understand the clearing platforms, product offerings and understand the each firm’s philosophy, so that we find the top independent broker dealer firm to suit your personal and practice requirements.


Broker Dealer Change, review Top Independent Broker Dealers

You should perform due diligence on the top Independent Broker Dealers that you are considering…

Broker Dealer Change will help you perform Due Diligence

Before you move to another firm, you should perform due diligence on the top Independent Broker Dealers that you are considering. We will help you to determine which firm is the best fit for your practice by finding the answers to the following questions:

Due Diligence

  1. How long has the Broker Dealer been in business?
  2. What is its reputation? What type of business does it specialize in?
  3. What are the breakdown of the Broker Dealers expenses?
  4. Do their financial advisors have access to the firm’s CEO or Sr. Management?
  5. Does the Broker Dealer firm have many client complaints?
  6. What is the complaint/broker ratio?
  7. How many financial advisors do they have? Is it financially sound?
  8. How large is the broker dealers’ back office? What is their staff to financial advisor ratio?
  9. What is their excess net capital?
  10. Is the excess net capital low?
  11. Are there any pending arbitration suits?
  12. Where is the broker dealer firm located?
  13. What is its back office hours of operation?
  14. What is the Philosophy of the firm?
  15. What are the Broker Dealer’s strengths and weaknesses?
  16. How big does the firm want to get?
  17. What is the profile of the typical financial advisor at the Broker Dealer?
  18. How good is the Broker Dealer’s technology and level of IT support?
  19. What clearing options do they have? What is the reputation of its clearing firm?
  20. What is the breakdown for all of their expenses?
  21. Do they have a commission “grid” or do they customize their comp. packages?
  22. Does the Broker Dealer offer transition assistance, if so, how much?