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Broker Dealer Change provides broker dealer industry news highlighting current events for Independent Broker Dealers, nationwide. and Financial Advisors.

Broker Dealer Change

At Broker Dealer Change, we have the experience, industry background and long standing relationships with Independent Broker Dealers to assist Financial Advisors who are seeking out a new Broker Dealer firm. With our vast network and extensive experience in the broker industry, Broker Dealer Change excels in a consultative process that not only identifies our client’s needs, but also matches them with a Broker Dealer best suited to meet the needs of their practice and personal profile.

The independent Broker Dealers that we represent pay our fee! We work and guide our clients through each step of the process, negotiating the best “deal” possible.

We have developed a comprehensive consulting approach that is designed to identify the best independent Broker Dealer firms that will best fit their unique needs and personality. We work with them through each step of the process, including our initial consultation, identifying the best Broker Dealers to contact, scheduling calls, meetings, Broker Dealer comparisons and analysis, and negotiating for the best “deal” possible.

Once the decision is made on which firm to go with, we get make sure our client’s are engaged with that firm’s transition team, to ensure a smooth transition. Click here to schedule your personalized, free consultation today.